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What makes us unique?

Whether, you're moving towards a more simple, economical existence or you're finally ready to build that off grid cabin in the woods-We've got you covered! 


Not only do we live a low impact lifestyle ourselves, we have also been building and designing consciously for nearly two decades.  We understand the importance of creating homes that use less natural resources, create less burden on the Environment and cost less to maintain.

Homes built by us are made with environmentally friendly building materials that are mold resistant, non toxic and free from noxious adhesives.  Interior finishes are sourced from conscious, local and domestic suppliers. 

Additional Services Include:

EMF Blocking and Protection, Air Purification,

Water Filtration and Restructuring, Passive Solar and Green Design Services, Alternative Heating and Cooling Options as well as Off Grid Energy Sources

Tiny House Building

and Design Services

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