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Sick House Syndrome

Is Your Home Making You Sick?

Do you have visible mold growing in your home?
Have you tested your home for Radon?
Has your health been failing and no one can explain your symptoms?
Have you been diagnosed with an autoimmune illness?
Do you feel best when on vacation?
You may be suffering from sick house syndrome.
Do you experience any of the following symptoms?
Hives/Rashes/Allergy Symptoms
Chronic Cough/ Congestion / Shortness of Breath
Night Sweats/ Insomnia
Bowel Irregularities
Migranes or Vertigo
Anxiety or Depression
ADD or ADHD Behaviors
Hypothyroid Symptoms
Nausea/ Lack of Appetite Anorexia 
Have you been diagnosed with the following:
Breast, Colon or Lung Cancer
IBD or Celiac Disease
Hashimotos Disease
Pakinsons Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Candida / Athletes Foot / Dandruff / Fungal Infections
Eczema / Ring Worm 
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Mold Box Detox
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